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Madie and i had to wacth the triplets next door. It was crazy! My head was spinning around and around. Only one did not listen at all. The other two were a little better then the other. We played tons of games with them in there toy-room. We went in there TV room and wachted them a little. Madison said ” its like when you watch little kid shows our eye are glued to the TV”!We had to get them water and some popcorn. One of them tore there diper off completle!! Madie and me were craking up. Then at the end we sleeped in there beds with them. Oh  and Mckenzie came so that equaled 4 little kids. They would not stop swicthing beds! Two of them wanted to sleep with me or madie but then we figured it out. Madie, me, and one othr kid, on one bed and on the other bed was Mckenzie, and two other kids. There was a TV in the room up stairs. Then at 9:26 my dad said we had to go home. So I hugged Madie and I said ” see you tommorow”. Then we left  house. I was so happy that I was home! I sat down and watched the new ICARLY, I GO TO JAPAN MOVIE It was soooooooooo funny. Well I’ll come back and right some more later! BYE BYE FOR NOW!!


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  1. * Robin says:

    Candy~ I love it that you know exactly what time your dad told you to to come home!!! 9:26!!!

    Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. Ha ha that was a crazy night!! I felt like pulling my hair out. See you later alligator!!!! Love your BFF

    Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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