I am Candy

Merry Chirstmas!

I love having my family here in Florida! We have not been here in like 6 or 5 years,when I was 4 I went to Florida with my family. I got toooooooooooonnnnns of presents but not as much as last year! I love being here in Florida, do you travel some were for Christmas? Have you every heard of TOMS Shoes? Well my sis, got a pair for X-Mas , but they did not fit so i got them! Every time you buy one pair of TOMS they will give a pair to a child in need.

One time i was in the car ( this is when i was 4) with my mom,sister,dad, my dad was driving us. Well i kept on saying ” i want candy i want candy i wont candy,then my mom about pulled her hair out and said” Candace don’t you say that one more time! Then guess what i said? You know what i said i said it!         I WANT CANDYYYYYY!  That is one of my stores,but this was just yesterday! We were drooping off my little cousin and we were talking to his mom then he locked us out! His mom said ” would you like a ride Oh and he put the radio on and the lights on! While we were waiting we say a policeman and Asked him can you get us out? He said that they could not use a hammer because they were getting sewed! So we waited till my uncle got the extra key and we left!         Well got to go!


Candy~Cane!      🙂


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