I am Candy

“Mom!!” that is so not fair!

Candy LizzHasn’t  it been your dream to go to Hawaii? Well my mom gets to go! I was so mad when she told me.

                        Mrs. Robin thinks that she should go with her. I said”What about me , I am your Candy?” I just think she will have a lot of fun there with my Aunt Sue and my mom’s parents. It is beautiful there! I am so mad but happy and jealous at the same time! It looks so much fun. They are going to swim with the turtles and look at the ocean, and guess what, THEY WILL STAND ON A VOLCANO! I won’t to go sooooooo bad!!!

                      Do you like this picture?

        By: Candy~Lizz


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  1. * kaylabelleingram says:

    i’m excited for mom. she is going to take a lot of pictures. and yes i like your picture. check your email i sent you an invite to salmon night! love

    Posted 9 years, 5 months ago
  2. * Madison Merrick says:

    Hi Candace,I bet your mom is going to have a lot of fun in Hawaii!I wish I could go too!But i`m sure sometime in your life you will get to go.WE may go there in a couple of years.Well have a good day.:)

    Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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