I am Candy


My mom is in Hawaii right now. She went to the airport at like 4:00 in the morning and the plan took off at 7:30. She said ever other day you can open one of you presents, she will be gone for 8 days and that means i get 4 presents!! I think i should have gone with her! It is sooooo not fair. Well to me. Hawaii looks beautiful and tons of fun! Well go to go!

Love your writer,

Candy~Lizz Ingram…………………………...


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  1. * kayla says:

    i had a great weekend with you. i hope you have a good week. read read read. i am reading. blah. call me! love you lots candy liz

    Posted 9 years ago
  2. * Robin says:

    Aren’t you glad Mom’s home!!! love you~

    Posted 9 years ago
  3. * lisa sams says:

    What a cute purse!!! I love it!!! and your dog is adorable….Come see us in Williamsburg….If you are ever this way…bring a few of those purses….We’ll sell them to my friends…

    Posted 8 years ago

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