I am Candy


It all started on Tuesday, during school my neck was hurting and my throat was hurting more and more by the minute. When i got home i said to my mom ” Mom my neck hurts.”  Then she said “my neck hurts to.” So on Wednesday i could check out. After the writing test (which was easy!) i asked my teacher if i could go see the nurse and she looked at my tonsils and said ” You have some BIG tonsils , the look very red. So she called my mom and my mom got there and we went to the minute clinic (more like the hour clinic.) They said that my mom and i have strep throat! So i did not go to school yesterday and today. Well i have nothing else to say. BYE…………..

  Love your sick and tired friend,



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  1. * kayla says:

    you should share the big news. what new addition will be added to the family soon?

    Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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