I am Candy

Woodstock Middle School

I’m officially a 7th grader! 7th grade is actually easy….theres not much homework just easy math and language arts. Oh and my high of today was getting presidential in P.E. for doing 45 sit-ups in a minute! and my low…well..lets just say not all that great.. i was walking to put away my lunch try and…well….milk spilled all over my pants and some on my shirt! Its was all sticky! oh and my social studies teacher…is…well…he is hilarious! The first day i got my locker i opened on the first try! it was really easy.

This summer i babysat some people down the street for a week and a half for like 8 hours a day. I made$350! i was so happy i got a new ipodtouch and i just was soooooooo happy! oh and Kayla(my sister) is getting married in April!!!!! After that their going to go to Europe and live there for 6 months and Joseph is going to cut hair and kaylas going to crotchet flowers and sell them. her and her friends have a website and they all crotchet or do cool paintings….you should check it out! 🙂


oh if you look at the pictures the one blonde is my sister and the hairy beard guy is my future brother-in-law(Kayla’s future)! I have a bag she made me and some flowers i wear in my hair….their going to do great!!! 🙂 Oh and i have some new friends and some old friends in my classes. i could have been stuck with this weird teacher in math success(connections) but she almost got me to fall asleep so my dad changed my schedule and now i have typing with my favorite teacher from last year untill the computer teacher passed away and miss patty was the most qualified for the job and now she is the typing teacher! yeahhhhh!

Lucy is doing good too dont worry she is still the same rat she was. Is would put a picture of Lucy but i can i’m on my laptop! The parents of the kids i babysit for gave me a net-book! its really nice! i love it…:)!

I’m going to have a great year i can tell already! 🙂 i got a 90.5 in math in language arts I got a 91 in science i got a 83 in reading a 80 and social studies a 78! i’m very happy about my math grade cause i hate math and I wasn’t all that great at it last year….:)

Okay i should probably go now so i will try to tell you about what happens tomorrow!  DONT FORGET TO GO TO KAYLA’S WEBSITE!!! OR ELSE!!!!! just kidding! but seriously its awesome you have to check it out!!!!!!!!! 🙂 see ya tomorow!


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  1. * Kayla says:

    I’m proud of you candy! Thanks for talking about Muncle Fred ART. We love you and your jokes!

    Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  2. * Candy says:

    Your welcome i just got bored and i rembered my blog so i told abt my milk accent and bam! i started typing like crazy! 🙂 tell ur friends abt my blog and i will make a deal i will menchen muncelfred if tell ur friends about my blog! 🙂 deal?

    Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  3. I love reading about what is going on with you!! i would love to get to see you more often but it is still great to be able to read your blog to find out whats going on! I am so happy that you area having a great year!! You are so special and i love that you are my friend!!
    Thanks for mentioning MunclefredART!! You are definitely MuncleFamily!
    Love you Candy Cane:))

    Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  4. * Madie Merrick says:

    You rock Candace!!!! Keep on blogging!!!! lolz!!!!!

    Posted 7 years, 10 months ago
  5. * Madie Merrick says:

    Yay!! Good for u Candy!! I was only two away from presidential in the situps….but i counted in my head and i got 45 situps, but the girl that was counting for me said i only got 43. I think she was just mad bacause she only did 43 situps. lolz!! But i did get one thing in presidential…the pullups!! I did seven!!! Oh and i hope we get the mile run over with sometime soon!!! I am gonna really push myself to get presidential in that as well. :)))))))) Hope your having lots and lots of fun in Jackson Hole Montana!! Oh and don’t worry Lucy is doing great!! She misses u guys a bunch, but shes seems very relaxed, and she is having a lot of fun!! Well ttyl text me soon!! byez!! Love Madie!!! :))))) :ppppp

    Posted 7 years, 10 months ago

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