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Woodstock Middle School

I’m officially a 7th grader! 7th grade is actually easy….theres not much homework just easy math and language arts. Oh and my high of today was getting presidential in P.E. for doing 45 sit-ups in a minute! and my low…well..lets just say not all that great.. i was walking to put away my lunch try and…well….milk spilled all over my pants and some on my shirt! Its was all sticky! oh and my social studies teacher…is…well…he is hilarious! The first day i got my locker i opened on the first try! it was really easy.

This summer i babysat some people down the street for a week and a half for like 8 hours a day. I made$350! i was so happy i got a new ipodtouch and i just was soooooooo happy! oh and Kayla(my sister) is getting married in April!!!!! After that their going to go to Europe and live there for 6 months and Joseph is going to cut hair and kaylas going to crotchet flowers and sell them. her and her friends have a website and they all crotchet or do cool paintings….you should check it out! 🙂


oh if you look at the pictures the one blonde is my sister and the hairy beard guy is my future brother-in-law(Kayla’s future)! I have a bag she made me and some flowers i wear in my hair….their going to do great!!! 🙂 Oh and i have some new friends and some old friends in my classes. i could have been stuck with this weird teacher in math success(connections) but she almost got me to fall asleep so my dad changed my schedule and now i have typing with my favorite teacher from last year untill the computer teacher passed away and miss patty was the most qualified for the job and now she is the typing teacher! yeahhhhh!

Lucy is doing good too dont worry she is still the same rat she was. Is would put a picture of Lucy but i can i’m on my laptop! The parents of the kids i babysit for gave me a net-book! its really nice! i love it…:)!

I’m going to have a great year i can tell already! 🙂 i got a 90.5 in math in language arts I got a 91 in science i got a 83 in reading a 80 and social studies a 78! i’m very happy about my math grade cause i hate math and I wasn’t all that great at it last year….:)

Okay i should probably go now so i will try to tell you about what happens tomorrow!  DONT FORGET TO GO TO KAYLA’S WEBSITE!!! OR ELSE!!!!! just kidding! but seriously its awesome you have to check it out!!!!!!!!! 🙂 see ya tomorow!


Ever Monday?

Ever Monday you ask?!?!?!?! Thats right ever Monday.I will be doing a craft or show you something what you could make or what I have made that week. For in stints, a painting,how to draw _____, crotchet something (with my sisters help of course),  and more craft relative things. Speaking of crafty, here is a link to some one I happen to know how is just like Martha Stewart! Her name is robin and she is my moms BFL of all time and loves to do all sorts of cool crafts. If you go to my links it will be under Robins other blog. Check that blog out and read and craft away! hahahahhahaha!

Just ta let you now I did 191 pogo jumps today, that is my new and improved record! I am very happy and jolly!!!! I bet you ten bucks Lucy is sleeping oh like a little  curled angel up in a little ball near our fire, RIGHT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! And what ya now there she is just all curled up. 🙂 i luv tht pup.

Today i had Mrs.Patti my all time favorite teacher and pretty much all we did was type and also type some more, my typing skills are really typing as you can tell. Mrs. Patti USE to be my language arts teacher but the computer science teacher passed away and of course she was the most qualified for the job and she took it and the evil Mrs.Crook took her place. But know i think Mrs. Crook Is much nicer and funnier than when we she became our new teacher. Shes really improving. Well i gotta go my hands are cramping again!I will tell you about the great Friday tomommorow. Friday is my favorite cause school is ova and here comes the fabulous O` weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ado`s amigo’s.(aka bye friend or peps!)

Sincerly your writer/artist/ cooking/bloging girl,


P.S. do you like candycane or candy or candy liz or just candace?

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Little Monsters

Here are some of my hand-sewed little friends what i learned how to make. Kayla taught me how to sew!!!! Heather and her pup madden came over tonight and ate dinner with us, here are some pics-

Comment or vote on which little monster is your favorite!

                                                                                                      Love your writer/artist/cooking girl Candy~Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!            : )

Happy Birthday Lucy Lu!

"im not short im fun size!"January 25 is Lucy’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!! She is finally 1. Celebrate and have a big party! Which we didn’t. Lucy is growing up so fast 😦

I am sick again. Which of course i hate, A LOT!!! Today i did not go to school cause i am sooooooooo sick. 😦    😦 Kayla belle showed me a blog a couple days ago and i saw this crotchet hat and a really cool sock monkey. She shows you how to make one and its like really cool. Here is the link if you would like to see her blog- http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/page 3 is were the sock monkey is just to let ya now!

Love your fellow Friend,

🙂                                 Candy Liz Ingram!!!!!!!!!!!!!

puppy love

here’s our new puppy lucy!


It all started on Tuesday, during school my neck was hurting and my throat was hurting more and more by the minute. When i got home i said to my mom ” Mom my neck hurts.”  Then she said “my neck hurts to.” So on Wednesday i could check out. After the writing test (which was easy!) i asked my teacher if i could go see the nurse and she looked at my tonsils and said ” You have some BIG tonsils , the look very red. So she called my mom and my mom got there and we went to the minute clinic (more like the hour clinic.) They said that my mom and i have strep throat! So i did not go to school yesterday and today. Well i have nothing else to say. BYE…………..

  Love your sick and tired friend,



My mom is in Hawaii right now. She went to the airport at like 4:00 in the morning and the plan took off at 7:30. She said ever other day you can open one of you presents, she will be gone for 8 days and that means i get 4 presents!! I think i should have gone with her! It is sooooo not fair. Well to me. Hawaii looks beautiful and tons of fun! Well go to go!

Love your writer,

Candy~Lizz Ingram…………………………...

“Mom!!” that is so not fair!

Candy LizzHasn’t  it been your dream to go to Hawaii? Well my mom gets to go! I was so mad when she told me.

                        Mrs. Robin thinks that she should go with her. I said”What about me , I am your Candy?” I just think she will have a lot of fun there with my Aunt Sue and my mom’s parents. It is beautiful there! I am so mad but happy and jealous at the same time! It looks so much fun. They are going to swim with the turtles and look at the ocean, and guess what, THEY WILL STAND ON A VOLCANO! I won’t to go sooooooo bad!!!

                      Do you like this picture?

        By: Candy~Lizz

Terracotta Warriors……..

Yesterday we saw the Terracotta Warriors at the High Museum of Art. They said if you take a picture of one of there statues and put it on the Internet  you will get shot by the Chinese! I don’t know if that is true but I would not try it. After that you can see all there art work and do all that stuff. It was really fun. If you go you can see all the other art work there and go to there Coffee shop. It was so much fun, you should try it! Your kids will love it.

Did you like my pole I did?



It’s a New Year!

09!  I have some resolutions.Here there are,

(1) my Friend and i got a chart 1-100 , we cross out the days we don’t bite our nails.

(2) to try new things such as food, play more,go on time for ,work,blogging,and others!

Well that is all i got!  What are some of your resolutions? Please comment me if you would like. Have a great New Year!


Candy~Cane.       🙂